Men Folder By Bandid Lasavong

Who says shopping was only for Women ? In Vientiane, you have already probably seen many tailor shops ! If you want a good quality suit, pay a visit to Men Folder.

Shape your suit

Founded by a civil engineer (yes, he is), passionated by Fashion, Men Folder handled with brillo its enter in the Suit industry in Laos. Indeed, you have probably heard about this brand, which is pretty popular for Men for daily and groom suits.

First, go around the shop, pick a model among the collection in shop to see which kind of collar, what color and which pattern you want and from where: black, cotton, modern, blue, tweed, vintage ?

What kind of pattern would you like ?

Then, according to your build, and knowing now what you like, Bandid will tell you what suits you the best, and that is exactly what makes the difference. Engineering has probably given him the sense of details.

Red anyone ?

If you are looking for a super-shinny-golden suit, you got the wrong place. No, at Men Folder, we prefer sober patterns. But if you want to be chic, then go for details. Full of finesse : inclination of the pocket, 1 ou 2 aperture at the back of the jacket, color of the seams, buttons of the jacket …

Once the measures are done, complete your costume with accessories : cufflinks, pin or necktie. He also sells shirts from Shirtoria, for daily of fancy basis.

Women Touch

Let’s be Classy and Elegant.

Recently spotlighted with the Lao Fashion Week 2016 – even if the brand started to be renamed before, Men Folder also make costumes for Women. Girls, a chance when you need an nice outfit to go to work.

Credit : Men Folder

WHere to find them

Jommany and Phontong Village
+856 20 582 888 85

Men Folder, Phontong Branch

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