Flow Exhibition at Malibarn Flowers

Well-known for their superb creations, Malibarn Flowers welcomes for one month (17.09-17.10) (actually, less than 2 weeks left now) a very nice exhibition, Flow, at the second floor of the shop or call it the Malibarn Creative Space !

Behind the scene

I haven’t get the chance to meet him personnally, but Sayan Chuenudomsavad is a documentalist Photographer from Thailand. He recently worked for famous Thai magazines. You can learn more about the Photographer here

His work is defined as per below:
“Sayan remains interested in traditions of people living along different part of Mekong. His photographs portray relationships and perception between people and the River.” (Flow Brochure)

Flow Brochure, to know more about the 3 artists

Mali and Tongtakaew are passionnated by flowers, one owns the Malibarn shop, the other learnt about flowers in US.

Photographies are all in Black & White, Mali – owner of Malibarn Flowers – and Tongtakaew spotlighted the whole work by beautiful flowers bunches.


The Exhibition

Nicely summarized under “Whispering dialogue flows between captured moments and floral textures”, please appreciate the photos.


The exhibition is sober, not fancy, and the selection of photographies is just perfect. Actually, it matches pretty well with Malibarn atmosphere. I visited the place during the day, but I think the all is even more beautiful during the night time.

The pieces are to sell – not sure if all of them are, and the prices are more than reasonable !

Malibarn  “From the Village to a Flowershop”

Opened for a year now, Malibarn is a social flowershop, which offers the possibility to villages, mostly in Luang Prabang province, to increase their income. Knowing that, you just love more and more this …

Malibarn Flowers
MeaningS of Malibarn

…Little place…

…Of Charm (Oh yes, they also sell delicatly scented soap !)

Artist space

Upon request or for monthly packages, Malibarn Flowers is definitely the place to go for Flowers Lovers.

And as it was not already enough to fall in love with the place, you can also sip a cup of coffee while waiting for your bouquet.

Maison Matilda Café & Living

Behind Wat Ongteu
Open from Monday to Saturday
10AM – 7PM

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