[Report] Fashion Saturday at Love Life

For its first edition, the Fashion Saturday was a real success! The event was held at Love Life, later in June 2016. During all afternoon, visitors enjoyed yummy food, bubblies and cocktails, great music, free nail painting and beautiful creations!
You missed it? Let’s catch up then!

The Designers

For the occasion, Love Life ຮັກຊີວິດ was rearranged to a so cute place – even if it is already – with different areas, to get visitors not lost. Entrance was full of beautiful and elegants pieces, made by designers Elodie Lo-King-Fung and Tamong from Elegant boutique. Elodie freshly arrived in Vientiane few months ago, whereas Tamong is established and renamed as a designer for some years now in Vientiane. No doubt on the talent of both women. Shoes from Kangnai were showcased too. Original models anf good quality for small prices.

And Co…

While 3 DJs were playing and mixing nice music, a sexy waiter was walking around to serve Food and Drinks. I stole a picture of him on Love Life page, as I was too busy to watch him  … I mean, I was of course too focus on taking pictures of other beauties.
Meantime, staff from Yves Rocher was making nail painting, between cheese puffs and fittings.

For the food, Love Life had finger food served as sets, and their classic and fabulous ice cream, chocolate pops, cookies and superb Cosmo Cocktails!

love life

Talking about Love Life, if you have not visited them yet, here some pictures of their new place!

Where to find them

Love Life, Saphanthong Tai Village – close to VIS
Elodie Lo-King-Fung via FB
Kangnai, Sang Jiang Market, T2 Road
Tamong and Elegant Boutique, Nam Phu Square
Yves Rocher, Hengboun Street – close to Home Ideal

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