Chic Hair Professional

Being satisfied of a new haircut is not always such an easy thing. I discovered Chic Hair salon few months after my arrival, and since then, this is my only address for taking care of my hair.

Recently, they have extended to a second place, still in the City Center. And this is where I bring you today.


Who they are

Hairstylists have all been trained in Bangkok, Thailand, for several years, before they decided to come back to their Hometown. Chic Hair’s Signature? Fashion style, pink or green hair and loud House music (or Thaï pop music time to time… Like at the end of the day, to “relax” a little bit).

Here, if you are lucky enough to don’t have a huuuugee queue of 10 people when you arrive, a charming and young shampoo-lady will wsh your hair. The shampoo is sooo relaxing and enjoyable. And, of course, tooooooo short, I would like it to last hours and hours! Meanwhile, very tough to don’t fall asleep! Personnally, I don’t really appreciate strong scratches – as most of their clients do – so I always ask for a head and neck massage (Yea, “only” that).

What they do

After that, if you have your own hairstylist, he/she will take care of your hair: haircut, coloring and highlighting, straightening, spa treatment (Kératine) or simply brushing.

If not, I think they make it by round. I deal with only one person, at least he knows what I like and which kind of hair I have.


One slight – mini mini – note: if you don’t speak Lao, they don’t all speak English. Anyway, sign language – or actually just a picture of what you want – is enough for them to understand and do what you want.

If you are a man, you will go for a second shampoo (lucky you!) before the hair coiffure.

Coloring can be very long, depending on your type of hair for sure, and the colors you expect. It is a good option if you want some special colors, such as them: pink, red, purple or blue… (and if you make a color, you will also have a second shampoo, as a woman! Yayyy)

90% of their clients are Lao, but I’ve noticed more and more foreigners “adopt” Chic Hair, as well tourists – especially at the 1st one actually, so I guess people are satisfied with them. Well, for me, it’s always stimulating and a pleasure to step by their shop!

If possible, prefer to go there during working hours, otherwise wait can be long in the evening and during the week-end.

In terms of budget, allow 4-5USD for a brushing, 10 for a haircut.

Where to find them?

Chic Hair 1, Samsenthai Road, next to Xayoh Restaurant
Chic Hair 2, Samsenthai Road, a bit before the petrol station, on the right side
Open 7 days a week


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