Naked Espresso

Drinking coffee is part of your daily routine? Then you may like this article.
Naked Espresso opened its first coffee shop, around 3 years ago. Victim of its success, it has now 2 more spots.


For a cup of coffee

Cosy place, strategic location, pretty good Internet (I am actually using it right now!) and, of course, great coffee!

Baristas can prepare you the classic Expresso (and even Ristretto) but as well yummy Cappucino. You prefer iced coffees? Go for a tasty Iced Mocha or a very gourmand Coffee shake.

Thirsty with this hot weather? Enjoy no-cafeine drinks, such as Merry Berry smoothie or healthy juice Strawberry-Kiwi-Lemon.

… And more if affinity

But I am not done yet with this place. They also serve very nice food.

For a breakfast, their Aussi Bekkie should give you enough energy to start your day. For the lunch, I would definitely say the Smoked Salmon Sandwich. If you think that pasta is life, please try their Fettucine Boscaiola.

And if you still have enough space for a sweet treat, make few steps to the showcase, you will have choice between Banana bread, Berry cupcake or some pieces from “Bakery by Boris”.


Koen: Have it at home

Recently, Naked Espresso launched its coffee machine, so you can enjoy their coffee at home. More information at the counter.

Where to find them ?

Naked Espresso

  1. Dongpaina Road (between Comcenter and Sengdara fitness)
  2. Manthatourath Street (same street as Dhavara Hotel)
  3. Bourrichane Road (same road as Thai Consulate), in the Vieng Vang Tower

Follow them on Facebook: Naked Espresso


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