Vientiane : ID Card


Laos, anciently Lao Lane Xang – One Million Elephant – Kingdom, is one of the smallest Country of the South East Asia. Landlocked Country, between China, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, Laos counts 7 millions inhabitants for around 234,000sqm area.



Vientiane became the Capital of Laos in 1563, and around 700,000 people live here; this is the biggest city of the Country.
Many young people from provinces come here to study, but foreigners are not to be forgotten neither.

Located at the North West of the Country,  on the Mekong River, Vientiane is around 20km away from Thaï border and Nong Khai city.


Temples & Monuments

Vientiane counts some historical Monuments, and I will dedicate a special article about it very soon.

Just to mention them: Patuxay – the National Victory Monument, Sisaket Temple – Also considered as a Museum, Hor Kham – The Presidential Palace, but also That Luang – The Great Temple.


Bor pen yung style

Laotian motto is definitely Bor pen yung. Use it to say “No problem”, “that’s ok”, “you’re welcome”. If you come from, or if you’ve already lived in a big capital, Vientiane may surprise you as a very quiet city.

Tuktuk drivers grant themselves a nap in their hammock, most of people working leave the office before 5PM, cars share road with fruits street vendors by motorcycle and collectors of plastic and cans by cart…


In France, Lao diaspora like to have fun about the French and the Lao time. Meaning take appointment at 7PM if you expect to meet people at 8PM! 😉

Finally, many Buddhist monks walk around the city, but they must be the only ones!

Indeed, that is pretty common to see Lao people choose their motorcyle only to go to buy an iced coffee or some vegetables at the corner of the street. Some of them also prefer to make their shopping from the car or their motorcycle.

In case you like to live at 100km/h, you’ll learn to follow their saa saa – understand “slow slow” rythm.

Since the last few years – I am here for almost 3 years – Vientiane is  changing: more buildings now, a loooooot of new restaurants, new coffee shops, so many more cars (!!!), banners and sign E-VE-RY-WHERE…

Vientiane is definitely, in a way, a charming place to live in, to chill, to enjoy. Driving here can be – and actually is – a nightmare, but I feel so peaceful to drive around when I have take time.


By the way, and as mentioned, I’ll prepare you a city tour!
And you, how do you feel about Vientiane?

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